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Tracks from the Archives Vol. 3

by Nattefrost

Snestorm 03:01


1. Man of Science (Nattefrost remix) (April 2013).
Composed by JonTeknik..
“Man of Science” is originally by the great English artist JonTeknik.
This remix was done by Nattefrost in april 2013 and previously
released as a bonus track on the JonTeknik album “Giants under the Microscope”..

2. Snestorm (July 1997).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen.
The opener of the first Nattefrost CD, although in a slightly different mix here.
Recorded in July 1997.

3. Underneath another Nightsky (Radio edit) (January 2010).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen and Kent Eskildsen.
A previously unreleased radio edit of the track recorded in January 2010.
It includes Kent Eskildsen from Navigator and Timescape on flute and electric guitar.

4. Bootleg (Nattefrost remix) (April 2017).
Composed by Robert Solheim.
Robert Solheim aka Current asked me to do a remix for the forthcoming 12” of his great track “Bootleg”. I did and this is the first release it gets. Later Robert will also release the 12” version.

5. The Firewall (Nattefrost remix) (September 2015).
Composed by Sector One.
Sector One from Sweden asked me to do a remix of his fantastic track “The Firewall”.

6. Trancy Nights (Previously unreleased) (March 2010).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen and Berit Fridahl.
A previously unreleased track by Nattefrost which features the great multi-instrumentalist
Berit Fridahl aka Signey Lime on electric guitar. It was recorded in March 2010.

7. The Nun of St. Claire Abbey (Nattefrost remix) (December 2012).
Composed by Andrea Nebel / Aghast Manor & Bjørn Jeppesen.
In 2012 I collaborated with Andrea Nebel aka Nebelhexe on a few tracks.
This is one of them. It’s also taken from the Aghast Manor album “Penetrate”.

8. Underworld (Nattefrost remix) (November 2013).
Composed by Andrea Nebel / Nebelhexe & Bjørn Jeppesen.
This is the other track that I did with Nebelhexe. It’s previously unreleased, but you’ll find the original version on the Nebelhexe album “Essensual” released in 2006.

9. I månens skær (September 1996).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen.
A Nattefrost track recorded in September 1996 and only released on the “Repackaged” CD as a bonus track. The rather demo like track was later also used in some parts of “The dark Spell” on the Nattefrost album “Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon” released by Groove Unlimited in October 2010.

10 Ruin of Hate (Intro) (January 2014).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen.
I was asked by the Danish death metal band Infernal Death to record an intro for their album “Call to War”. This is it.
I did all music and vocals on this intro.

11. Decadence (Current interpretation) (June 2015).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen.
When Nattefrost celebrated its 20 year anniversary in October 2015 twenty artists and bands interpreted some of the Nattefrost tracks. This is one of them, this great version by Current from Norway.
You will also find it on the 2CD tribute entitled “20 Years of Nattefrost” It was released by Sireena Records in 2015. The original Nattefrost version of this track was released on the album “Transformation” in March 2008.

12. Don’t let the Machines take over (Featuring Nattefrost) (July 2012).
Composed by Steen Chorchendorff Jørgensen and Bjørn Jeppesen.
This track is by Remember Green which consists solely of Steen Chorchendorff Jørgensen.
I was invited to play on 2 tracks on his debut album “Electro Shock”.
He kindly asked me again when recording his 2nd album “After Shock” if I’d want play some parts on a few tracks as a guest. I did so and also produced the album. This is one of the tracks from that CD.

13. The Longships (Live in Belgium, November 2017).
Composed by Bjørn Jeppesen.
As the last track here’s “The Longships” recorded live at B-Wave Festival, Heusden Zolder in Belgium on the 18th November 2017. The original version you’ll find on the Nattefrost album “Skaldic Themes” released by Sireena Records in October 2017.


released February 4, 2018

Compiled and produced in January 2018 by Bjørn Jeppesen.
Mastered by Bjørn Jeppesen.
Cover designed by www.lynglund.dk.

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(P) & © 2018 Nattefrost Productions.
All rights reserved.
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Bjørn Jeppesen started Nattefrost in 1995.
With 16 albums, 2 EPs and more than 50 concerts the recent years
Nattefrost is already an established name in the electronic music scene.

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